Winter Travel Advisory

Welcome to the Michigan Department of State Police Winter Travel Advisory.  The information in this advisory is provided by law enforcement and public safety personnel working throughout Michigan.

The Winter Travel Advisory operates from late November or early December through March 30th.  It is updated twice a day or as information concerning travel conditions is received.  If you need more current or specific information, please listen to your local radio or television stations.  You may also visit the weather and travel Related Websites linked to this advisory or call the Michigan State Police Travel Hotline at 1-800-381-8477.

The current Road Conditions are not available. Please check back later for information concerning travel conditions.

  Travel-Related Information

     Michigan State Police Winter Travel Hotline
     Phone Number: 1-800-381-8477

   Web Sites

     The Internet offers thousands of sites providing
     travel information. Here are links to just a few:


  Remember: Active winter weather and
  hazardous traveling conditions also create the
  greatest demand for police and EMS services.
  Please do not tie up telephone lines and
  dispatch personnel by calling a police
  department and requesting weather or
  travel information.